Product Development
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Star Global partners with clients to assess, consult and explore new product development opportunities, establishment of manufacturing partenerships for new technologies, source materials, and management protocols. Additionally, StarGlobal offers audit services to clients who want a "second opinion" about an existing design or business concept.
Star Global assists product inventors and small companies in developing, manufacturing and marketing consumer products. With over 25 years of professional international manufacturing and retail market specific expertise, StarGlobal continues to create value by interfacing between inventors, manufacturers, logistic companies and retail partners.

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StarGlobal consults for start-up companies by leveraging strengths and long standing relationships within product development, manufacturing and sales channels. StarGlobal's expertise stems from "real world" consumer products currently in the marketplace. We not only "talk the talk, we walk the walk". We have most likely been directly involved in what you need to make your products successful.

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Sales & Marketing
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Star Global assesses and explores new product placement and marketing opportunities, develops and executes specialized maketing programs that achieve the greatest return on your marketing dollar investments. StarGlobal focuses on utilization of both tried and true marketing techniques coupled with cutting edge electronic and "out of the box" traditional marketing programs.
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